Orcs part 2

The Orc High Council does not become involved in war; they simply sponsor it by granting a warlord to each clan.  This is only done by the High Council’s unanimous approval for the individual clan to go to war.  A warlord is selected from amongst the individual clan’s class of Trons.  The warlord is then given complete control of the clan during a time of war and is free to run the war however he wishes, using whatever methods necessary to achieve success.  The warlord has absolute authority of the army- not even the Orc High Council can interfere while the war is ongoing.  Afterwards, depending upon the success of the warlord, the High Council will determine if a new warlord is needed or not.  Generally speaking, if a warlord fails in his objectives he is removed, or if retained he is asked to restructure and reform the army in defensive positions.  

A warlord, although given full authority, is under constant pressure from the Orc High Council, which demands victory followed by victory.  It is uncommon but not unheard of for a warlord to go rogue from the High Council and to even try to use the army to march on Nubrince and dissolve it.  To maintain their control over the individual clans and keep tabs on any given warlord, the Council relies on the Sheshua.  The Sheshua are the right hand of the Orc High Council.  They are bodyguards and agents who are dedicated to the preservation of the High Council’s authority.  The Sheshua operate outside the parameters of orc society and warfare.  They do not engage in war and do not have to adhere to any laws made by the warlord during a time of war.  They answer only to the Orc High Council.  Sheshua are skilled, observant, nimble, studious, and highly intelligent as well as motivated guardians of the High Council. 

The Orc High Council uses the Sheshua for everything.  This includes spying on warlords and reporting any suspicious actions that might indicate that a warlord is preparing to rebel against the High Council.  Warlords are not oblivious to the Sheshua, and are often accompanied by them, and they are usually treated as observers.  However, the warlord has no authority over them and cannot order them to leave.  The Sheshua are also protected by laws that prohibit any wrongdoing done to them.  A member of the Sheshua dying under suspicious circumstances will result in an increase in the Sheshua presence, who will investigate the death for foul play.  If foul play is determined, and it is linked to the warlord, that warlord is then stripped of his title and will face a horrific and humiliating death sentence.

The Sheshua are also moderators of orc society.  They monitor distribution of food, breeding, and orc placement.  Orcs have no fundamental understanding of monetary compensation or the purchase of items or bartering.  There is no money in orc society.  All essentials necessary to live are provided to every orc via the Sheshua, which includes food and medicine.  The Sheshua also control the Breeding Temples in Nubrince, where females are taken to breed and nourish the young.  There is no marriage in orc society, no romance, no courtship, no family.  The women, when old enough, serve as a harem to every orc warrior who has “earned” a month of breeding with the females.  The warrior then makes his rounds to a different female a day, looking to impregnate each of them before returning to his clan.  Warriors chosen are usually those who have fought with honor (meaning they killed a lot of Juhas) or Trons.  The Sheshua chooses these warriors, sometimes from a list provided by the warlord or Trons, or by their own observations. 

Women have a limited role in orc society.  The common misconception among the other races is that orcs mistreat their women, beating them and defiling them, when in reality orc women likely live more comfortable lives than the majority of women from the other races.  Because orcs see their women as “replenishers” for fallen warriors, the mistreatment of their women is not permitted.  Orcs do not believe in abusing their most precious commodity.  Instead, orcs keep the women well rested, well fed, relaxed, groomed, bathed, and pampered in order to prep them for breeding and later pregnancy.  The Sheshua protect and provide for them. 

However, women are only valued in orc society as long as they can breed.  When a woman becomes too old or infertile or if she is born deformed or incapable of breeding, she is summarily put to death as she is not considered useful to orc society.  Thus, an orc woman’s life is a gilded cage: full of comfort but trapped with no way out.  After a successful pregnancy, the orcling is nourished by each female with her milk until the child can walk.  Once the child is considered functional without a mother (age 2 at the earliest) the Sheshua whisk the orcling away and prepare to put it through the Trials, unless it is born female (it then stays in a separate temple until it is ready to breed as an adult).  Orclings reach full maturity at about age sixteen for females and twenty for males.


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