Author’s Note: 

This page is for brief definitions of certain terms found within these posts.  To get a more expansive use of the term, follow the links that will take you to the post that mentions them.  The page will be under constant construction due to routine updates.


Archbishop: is the highest authority within the Church of the Goddess in a particular region and/or kingdom.  An archbishop organizes and coordinates all religious matters and is under no obligation to take orders from any royal court.

Cyclopsian: large humanoid creatures, recognizable as having a single eye and lots of body hair.  Before the templar Lyndon, Cyclopsians controlled Damir but were no match for Lyndon’s advanced army, and were driven out.

Druish: is the most common language in the world, originating from the Great Druids over a millennium ago.  It was taught to all the races as a means of unifying them under a single tongue.

Elvish: is the native language to the elves, even though many elves have been taught Druish, Elvish is still used heavily if not to retain some elements of their cultural heritage.

Elyssus: the northern morningstar, it is the sacred symbol to the elves, who believe it to be a spiritual realm after death.  There are four smaller stars that drift near it throughout the year: Prismet, Orinthya, Troix, and Amethis.  

Exalted Sister: servants of the human Goddess and her Church, an exalted sister dedicates her remaining years teaching the ways of the Goddess and trying to preserve human society.  Sisters typically answer to priests and bishops but officially they have no chain of command to follow with the Church. 

Juha: orc term for an inferior creature, a soulless vermin that cannot contribute anything useful to the earth.  The Shogue term is used to sum up nearly all the other races but orcs.

Mal Orah: an orc term means “Death Charge” which is a military order to attack with maximum numbers.  The command is issued through drums, and the beats are loud and fast, designed to petrify their opponents in fear and cause communication breakdowns.

Orc High Council: a body of gifted orcs who pass judgments down upon orc society.  The High Council is highly revered and considered to be living voices on behalf of their ancestors.

Paia: term meaning “great” is the native name for the language, land, and dwarf kingdom.  The language is spoken sporadically by the dwarves who’ve more or less embraced the Druish language.  

Sheshua: agents and guardians of the Orc High Council, monitors of orc society and the military. Sheshua are immune to the orders of a warlord and generally do not participate in wars.

Shogue: the native language of the orcs, Shogue tongue is virtually spoken by all orcs in the known world.

Skull Hunter: specialized grave-robbers who track down and scrounge up treasures and relics, typically from corpses but also tombs and battle sites.  Skull hunters are usually hired through the black market but a few work freelance.

Templar: a knight of the human Goddess and her Church, a templar is infused with magic to help dispel it.  Templars are the warriors of the Church, taking their orders from a priest or bishop.

Tron: a superior orc, usually tall and very formidable as well as intelligent.  Trons are the equivalent of generals in the orc army and are organizers of the legions.  They answer directly to the clan warlord.

Warlord: the highest military position allowed, the commander-in-chief of the army.  The warlord is usually selected by the Orc High Council to manage orc society in times of war and to conduct all military operations without interference.

White Bark: is a dryad death trap that features petrified, stark white bark strewn about.  If touched, any living creature will become petrified, and over time will decay.  White Bark can be found in abundance in the Bleak Woods, in northern Oringard.


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