FAQ page

Below are Frequently Asked Questions regarding Age of Thunder and its blog:


1) Is Age of Thunder coming out on  hardcover too or just as an e-reader?

A- Age of Thunder has been released in e-reader format on Amazon.com.  Eventually, it will be released on hardcover but not in the immediate future.

2) If it’s an e-reader can I only read it on a Kindle?

A- No, it can be read on any tablet or smart phone that has the Kindle App.  The App is free to download on your device.

3) I want to know more about the book, why is this site full of background material?

A- I intend to post more biographies of the characters along with descriptions of events that happen in the book but not until some time after its release.  I’m sensitive to spoilers, so in the meantime this blog’s primary function is to give you background into the world of Age of Thunder.

4) Is this story based off of any other fantasy literature such as Tolkien or Martin?

A- No, Age of Thunder is 100% original.  You may find some commonalities with other fantasy stories (such as the use of orcs) but the mainframe of the story and its characters are unique to this world.

5) I see a lot of random posts.  How is this site organized?

A- These random posts you are seeing are direct evidence to how massive this world is.  It is also because the site is still new and in the process of being developed and organized.  However, once I get some images and some other categories started I think you will find it a lot easier to navigate.


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