Age of Thunder: Synopsis

Age of Thunder Introduction-

Age of Thunder takes place 811 ACW (After Chaos War) in the Kingdom of Damir.  Damir is a multi-cultural kingdom with humans, dwarves, elves, goblins and centaurs.  Damir is ruled by a human king and human laws; the vast majority of its citizens are human.  The elves are treated like second-class citizens, and only in the past fifty years have they been able to own land.  While the Kingdom has flourished as of late, royal corruption and the ever-imposing orcs of Oringard threaten to push Damir into turmoil.  Adding to the tension is a prophecy the elves cling to, one that states that an elven king will arise from among them and rule, and will be preceded by an orc slayer.  This has been interpreted as a challenge by the human monarchy in Damir, who outwardly deny the prophecy’s legitimacy but fear it all the same.

A chain reaction of events begins to unfold when Steffano, an elf, returns to Damir from a war in another land.  Steffano has already fulfilled half the prophecy by being labeled the “slayer.”  Although Steffano denies his status, he is seen as a threat by the human establishment in Damir, and the King moves quickly to destroy his reputation and discredit the prophecy.  At the same time, Steffano is encouraged to be the Slayer the prophecy speaks of by his elven family, friends and mentors.  Steffano wishes to live in peace, however, and tries to avoid his destiny.  But the orcs of Oringard are preparing for war, and an invasion against the Kingdom seems imminent.  Steffano feels pressured to realize his destiny, be the slayer he is ordained to be, and save the Kingdom from total destruction.

But the internal conflict and coming war stretches beyond Steffano and spills over to friends and family.  Political and military alliances are forged under the looming war and prophecy.  Soon, creatures of all walks find themselves embroiled in this conflict as the situation intensifies and broadens.  Like hot and cold air moving against each other, Damir is caught in a violent storm that it cannot avoid.

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